Splendor Santa Barbara

Alkanet Root Powder Soap Making Supplies Natural Colorant - Finely Ground Dye Pigment Powder (4 oz) for Handmade Cosmetics, Henna, Fabric, Wood & More DIY Splendor Santa Barbara

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Alkanet root ( Alkanna tinctoria) is primarily used as a dying agent to impart a red/purple color to soap, natural fibers and wood. Final Color Can Vary Due to Base Oils and Amounts Used.

  • Pure Natural Soap Colorant to Give Your Soap and Cosmetics Hues of Reds to Purples. Comes Ready To Use In a Convenient Resealable bag.
  • Finely Ground Powder - Infuses Well Into Soap and Cosmetic Recipes. Easy to Use and a Little Goes a Long Way. Free of Woody Pieces and Debris.
  • Sourced for the deepest purple in Alkanet( some versions are light brown) and packaged in the USA.
  • Splendor uses approx 2 tsp per 15 lbs of Soap.
  • Warning: Alkanet root can stain and is not recommended for internal use.

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