5 Reasons to Raise the Bar on Body Care

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Solid Bars are HOT right now.  With everyone getting onboard the conservation bandwagon, solid bars are offered in every shape, size and color with incredibly innovative ingredients.  I love when customers tell me they are using their natural solid soaps and lotions as artistic home statement pieces,  deodorizers, travel companions and even as aromatherapy perk-ups in the office.  We're not talking the soaps and lotions of yesteryear. There is now a bar product for every skin type on the planet.
• Solid Bars are healthier. The first and most abundant ingredient you are paying for in liquid products is of course water (the stuff that is free from the tap). The second ingredient is sulfate. Sulfates dry your skin out, build up in your pores and organs and  actually cause skin irritation ... eeew!  I can't even pronounce the next twenty ingredients but somewhere down the list comes alcohol to keep the rest of the ingredients from going rancid.  When you're standing there testing your eyesight in the shower by reading all those chemicals on the bottle, are you turned off ?  Me too!  Chemicals are NOT sexy.

• Solid Bars are environmentally responsible.  They come with almost no packaging.  There are no funky chemicals, no left-over soap inside the bottle, no plastics to produce and nothing to leave behind in a landfill.  They heal you and the earth....  Awesome!

• Solid Bars typically cost less- there's a lot more product in a bar than a bottle, so it will last and last.  I think we are smart enough to be able to add our own water don't you?   Go ahead, add some Perrier if you want, no one's judging.

• Solid Bars are travel-friendly. No more TSA confrontations or finding that your liquid soap has oozed out into your luggage on that long awaited vacation.
Raise That Bar and Hold it High... Splendorize!

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